10th International Workshop on Spinel Nitrides and Related Materials

With this workshop, we intend to bring together the leading research groups actively working in the field of advanced nitride materials. It is our aim to promote and broaden the scientific community and to provide a forum for discussing the state of the art with respect to practical implementations as well as the underlying concepts and the relevance of nitride-based materials.

From September 3rd to September 8th 2023

Nitride materials experience a growing interest in science and technology, starting with the high pressure and high temperature synthesis of silicon and germanium nitrides with spinel-type crystal structure in 1999. The considerable activities in both basic science and technological development of advanced nitrides are reflected by the previous nine International Workshops on Spinel Nitrides and Related Materials over the last 15 years, and resulted in discovery and preparation of a number of new nitride compounds with novel physical and chemical properties which have attracted attention as potential technological materials.

Steadily growing industrial demands require the development of novel multifunctional materials for application in different spheres of life and technology.

The objective of the 10th International Workshop on Spinel Nitrides and Related Materials is to provide a forum for presentation and in-depth discussion of the latest progress in the continuously growing domain of advanced nitrides and related compounds (including oxynitrides, carbonitrides, nitridosilicates, nitiride-imides, azo-compounds etc.) having exceptional structural and functional properties applicable in extreme environments, microelectronics and energy.

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